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#184 β€” Elastic Collisions

What happens when two circles collide in a p5.js canvas? In this video, I examine the math and implement idealized elastic collisions in a JavaScript physics simulation. This video supplements the Nature of Code book series in Chapter 6 which uses 3rd party physics libraries to handle collisions rather than a direct implementation.

jul 12, 2024

Elastic Collisions

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This challenge uses the pre-trained SketchRNN machine learning model (available with the ml5.js library) to create a p5.js sketch that finishes a person's drawing.

Interactive Drawing with SketchRNN

In this challenge, I attempt to create a Ukulele tuner in JavaScript using p5.js, ml5.js and the pre-trained machine learning model CREPE: A Convolutional REpresentation for Pitch Estimation. Can you make one with a more elegant and creative interface?

Ukulele Tuner with Machine Learning

In this challenge, I attempt to make my own version of Google’s Dinosaur Game (T-Rex run!) with a unique twist – controlling the dinosaur (unicorn, in this case) with a machine learning Speech Commands model!

Chrome Dinosaur Game