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#184 β€” Elastic Collisions

What happens when two circles collide in a p5.js canvas? In this video, I examine the math and implement idealized elastic collisions in a JavaScript physics simulation. This video supplements the Nature of Code book series in Chapter 6 which uses 3rd party physics libraries to handle collisions rather than a direct implementation.

jul 12, 2024

Elastic Collisions

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machine learning (ML)

This challenge uses the pre-trained SketchRNN machine learning model (available with the ml5.js library) to create a p5.js sketch that finishes a person's drawing.

Interactive Drawing with SketchRNN

In this challenge, I attempt to create a Ukulele tuner in JavaScript using p5.js, ml5.js and the pre-trained machine learning model CREPE: A Convolutional REpresentation for Pitch Estimation. Can you make one with a more elegant and creative interface?

Ukulele Tuner with Machine Learning

In this challenge I generate rainbows using the StyleGAN Machine Learning model available in Runway ML and send the rainbows to the browser with p5.js! This challenge is based on the live coding talk from the 2019 Eyeo Festival.

AI Rainbows with Runway and p5.js

In this challenge, I attempt to make my own version of Google’s Dinosaur Game (T-Rex run!) with a unique twist – controlling the dinosaur (unicorn, in this case) with a machine learning Speech Commands model!

Chrome Dinosaur Game

In this multi-part coding challenge, I take a closer look at the Quick, Draw! dataset and create a simple node API to "replay" drawings of rainbows and cats using p5.js.

Quick, Draw!

In this coding challenge, I use my Toy Neural Networks library to solve the XOR problem.

XOR Problem