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#105 โ€” Polynomial Regression with TensorFlow.js

In this challenge, I expand the linear example into polynomial regression!

jun 04, 2018

Polynomial Regression with TensorFlow.js

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Let's make a slide puzzle in p5.js together! We'll be using images, nested loops, and arrays, and by the end of our journey, we'll have a fully playable game!

Slide Puzzle

In this multi-part coding challenge, I demonstrate how to implement kinematics in Processing (Java).


In Part 1 of this multi-part coding challenge, I introduce the classic computer science problem of the Traveling Salesperson (TSP) and discuss the pitfalls with a brute force solution. In Part 2, I discuss Lexicographic Ordering and demonstrate one algorithm to iterate over all the permutations of an array. In Part 3, I apply this algorithm to a brute-force solution of the TSP problem. Every single route permutation is checked one by one. In Part 4, I attempt to create a solution to the TSP problem with a genetic algorithm, and then I add a โ€œcrossoverโ€ algorithm in Part 5.

Traveling Salesperson

In this coding challenge, I use Perlin noise to create a two-dimensional flow field with the p5.js library.

Perlin Noise Flow Field

In this coding challenge, I code a p5.js version of the Snake Game.

The Snake Game