Membership Guide

All aboard!

Thank you for considering supporting the Coding Train! For a smoother journey, we’ve recently streamlined the ticketing system to simplify the tiers and refocus on the community aspect.

What are the changes?

The membership levels are now simplified to 2 tiers across all platforms: “Passenger” and “Conductor”.

Passenger $5 / month

  • Access to Discord carriages to chug along with The Coding Train crew and fellow passengers.
  • An annual dispatch of the Coding Train sticker pack.
  • Periodic “behind the scenes” live streams and Q&A session in the engine room

Conductor $10 or more / month

  • All the benefits of a Passenger, plus an annual mystery gift.

Curious about Nature of Code?

You might have noticed that the number of live streams and new videos have slowed down in 2023. That's because I'm busy laying the tracks for the new version of the Nature of Code book. By supporting The Coding Train, you're also powering this project! And who knows, this book might be your mystery gift for 2024 when it's hot off the presses!

How can I get my ticket?

You can support the Coding Train through any of the following platforms. Each may offer extra platform-specific perks (like emoji badges on YouTube), but everyone will get the rewards listed above!

Your sticker pack and mystery gift will be dispatched once a year, all together. Keep an eye on the members-only Discord channels for announcements and instructions on how to receive your goodies. Climb aboard to receive the first mailing this summer 2023!

What does this mean for existing members?

Only good news for you! You'll continue to enjoy the benefits of your ticket tier, regardless of past perks, but now with a more reliable delivery system for your yearly rewards.

If you're an existing member and missed any past rewards, please contact us at to get back on track!

Why the new route?

Our previous perk delivery model was causing some derailments and delays. Your support truly keeps the engines running here, and we would like to do a better job of thanking you! We think that one annual mailing rather than the current piecemeal approach is something we can manage. At its core, being a member is about supporting the Coding Train community, so we thank you for riding along - Choo Choo!

How do I get access to the exclusive Discord carriages?

What about the Nebula Route?

Signing up for Nebula also directly supports The Coding Train with different benefits outlined at (plus access to all of Nebula!) Our systems do not presently authenticate Nebula tickets with our Discord carriages so are not offering the sticker mailing at this time. If you have any questions, please contact

Still feeling lost at the station?

If you are overwhelmed by the complicated train schedule or have any questions about how and where to purchase your membership tickets, please contact Our friendly staff will be happy to help you navigate your journey.