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#175 — AppleSoft BASIC 3D Cube

Take a trip back in time and watch me attempt to build a 3D graphics engine in AppleSoft BASIC on a restored Apple II+ computer! Can I render a spinning cube?

nov 12, 2022

AppleSoft BASIC 3D Cube

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In this coding challenge, I create a sphere in Processing using spherical coordinates and triangle strips. This is the 3rd part of a multi-part series on superformulas, superellipses and supershapes.

Spherical Geometry

Boing! Using some particles and some springs with the Toxiclibs physics library, I create a 3D cloth simulation in Processing. Toxiclibs can now be downloaded from Processing's library manager.

3D Cloth with Toxiclibs

In this third installment of my series on algorithmic botany, I discuss L-systems and how they can be used to generate trees and other fractal patterns in p5.js.

Fractal Trees - L-System

In this coding challenge, I show you how to visualization the Lorenz Attractor in Processing.

The Lorenz Attractor

In the second part of this coding challenge, using Processing, I take the code from the 2D Solar System and turn it three-dimensional.

Solar System (3D)

In part 3 of this coding challenge, using Processing, I add textures to the 3D objects created in part 2. The PShape class and createShape() functions are covered.

Solar System (3D) with textures

In this viewer submitted coding challenge, I make a 2D Solar System Generator in Processing.

Solar System (2D)

In this viewer submitted coding challenge, I attempt to code a Purple Rain Simulator in Processing.

Purple Rain

This is the first in a new series of videos. In this video I attempt to program a "star field" or "warp speed" visualization in Processing.

Starfield in Processing