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#183 — Mathematical Marbling

All aboard as I attempt to simulate the artistic process of paper marbling. The algorithm is based on the paper 'Mathematical Marbling' by S. Lu, A. Jaffer, X. Jin, H. Zhao, and X. Mao. The code is written in JavaScript using the p5.js library.

may 02, 2024

Mathematical Marbling

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Learn to create your own climate spiral using p5.js and temperature data. Originally designed by the climate scientist Ed Hawkins, the climate spiral is a visual representation of the changing temperatures over time, illustrating the urgent need to address climate change.

Climate Spiral

In this coding challenge, I visualize the Recamán’s number sequence using the p5.js library and go on to generate a series of musical tones using p5.js sound.

Recamán's Sequence

In yet another “Pi Day” coding challenge, I attempt to generate a pdf “Book of Pi” with the first 10 million digits of Pi mapped to color. Processing (Java) is used for this project.

The Book of Pi

In this challenge, we build a word counting (concordance) application, and visualize the frequency of each word using variable font size! We also implement the TF-IDF algorithm

Word Counter