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#12 — The Lorenz Attractor

In this coding challenge, I show you how to visualization the Lorenz Attractor in Processing.

may 06, 2016

The Lorenz Attractor

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The Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm (aka "iterative end-point fit algorithm"), takes a curve composed of line segments and reduces the fidelty to a "lower fidelity" curve with fewer points.

RDP Algorithm

In this coding challenge, I explore the concept of recursion to create fractal patterns in JavaScript HTML5 canvas with the p5.js library.


In this Coding Challenge, I code a Context-Free Grammar text generator from scratch. The concept of recursion is explored. This video is part of Session 7 of the "Programming from A to Z" ITP class.

Context-Free Grammar

Choo choo! In this multi-part coding challenge, I create a maze generator using a depth-first search algorithm with recursive backtracking. The idea is to walk through a grid of cells, removing walls as we go to build a maze.

Maze Generator