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#182 β€” Apollonian Gasket

Happy Pi Day 2024! In this video, I attempt to create an Apollonian Gasket using the Descartes Circle Theorem and complex numbers. So many circles!

mar 14, 2024

Apollonian Gasket

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polar coordinates

Choo choo! In this challenge, I build on chapter 3 (Oscillating Motion) of the Nature of Code series and simulate a simple pendulum in p5.js via angular acceleration.

Simple Pendulum Simulation

Coding in the Cabana is a series where I attempt challenges from my garden cabana in Brooklyn, NY. In this episode, I code a visualization of the Maurer Rose pattern in JavaScript (p5.js).

Maurer Rose

It’s groundhog day on the coding train as I demonstrate another noise loop GIF technique, this time with 4D OpenSimplex Noise in Processing (Java).

4D OpenSimplex Noise Loop

In this multi-part coding challenge I show how to use a noise field and polar coordinates to create a perfect GIF loop.

Polar Noise Loops

In this multi-part challenge, I use a parametric equation (from Wolfram Mathworld) to draw a heart curve in Processing (Java).

Heart Curve

In this multi-part challenge, I implement two possible solutions to Golan Levin's Circle Morphing challenge.

Circle Morphing

In this challenge, I attempt (emphasis on the word "attempt") to program the classic video game Pong in Processing (Java).


In this coding challenge, I attempt to create a "Fractal Spirograph" with Processing (Java). The visuals are inspired by images and explanation on C. J. Chen’s blog.

Fractal Spirograph

Inspired by Everest Pipkin’s Moth Generator, I use trigonometry and perlin noise to procedurally generate butterfly wing designs with p5.js.

Butterfly Generator

In this coding challenge, I attempt to create rose (rhodonea) curves using trigonometry function and polar coordinates.

Mathematical Rose Patterns

In this coding challenge, I create a sphere in Processing using spherical coordinates and triangle strips. This is the 3rd part of a multi-part series on superformulas, superellipses and supershapes.

Spherical Geometry

In this coding challenge, I show you how to make 2D supershapes in p5.js.

2D Supershapes