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#12 โ€” The Lorenz Attractor

In this coding challenge, I show you how to visualization the Lorenz Attractor in Processing.

may 06, 2016

The Lorenz Attractor

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Pi day

How do toothpicks approximate the value of pi? I'll show you by coding a simulation in p5.js!

Buffon's Needle

๐Ÿฅง Happy Pi Day 2020! In this challenge, I build a simple web application using p5.js and node.js to search in the first billion digits of Pi.

Peeking Inside Pi

In this coding challenge, I use the Leibniz formula (aka infinite series) to approximate the digits of Pi and graph the convergence.

Leibniz Formula for Pi

In yet another โ€œPi Dayโ€ coding challenge, I attempt to generate a pdf โ€œBook of Piโ€ with the first 10 million digits of Pi mapped to color. Processing (Java) is used for this project.

The Book of Pi