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#175 β€” AppleSoft BASIC 3D Cube

Take a trip back in time and watch me attempt to build a 3D graphics engine in AppleSoft BASIC on a restored Apple II+ computer! Can I render a spinning cube?

nov 12, 2022

AppleSoft BASIC 3D Cube

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Perlin noise

In this multi-part coding challenge I show how to use a noise field and polar coordinates to create a perfect GIF loop.

Polar Noise Loops

In this coding challenge, I implement a pixel-based β€œfire” algorithm using Processing (Java).

Fire Effect

Let's attempt to create a snowfall simulation using p5.js, sprite sheets and Perlin noise wind!


Inspired by Everest Pipkin’s Moth Generator, I use trigonometry and perlin noise to procedurally generate butterfly wing designs with p5.js.

Butterfly Generator

In this coding challenge, I simulate a blob-like shape with wobbly edges using beginShape(), endShape(), polar coordinates, and perlin noise.


In this coding challenge, I use Perlin noise to create a two-dimensional flow field with the p5.js library.

Perlin Noise Flow Field