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#182 — Apollonian Gasket

Happy Pi Day 2024! In this video, I attempt to create an Apollonian Gasket using the Descartes Circle Theorem and complex numbers. So many circles!

mar 14, 2024

Apollonian Gasket

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genetic algorithms

In this challenge, I use my JavaScript neural network library and a genetic algorithm to train an agent to play Flappy Bird.

Neuroevolution Flappy Bird

In this multi-part coding challenge, I create a system where autonomous steering agents evolve the behavior of eating food and avoiding poison.

Evolutionary Steering Behaviors

In Part 1 of this multi-part coding challenge, I introduce the classic computer science problem of the Traveling Salesperson (TSP) and discuss the pitfalls with a brute force solution. In Part 2, I discuss Lexicographic Ordering and demonstrate one algorithm to iterate over all the permutations of an array. In Part 3, I apply this algorithm to a brute-force solution of the TSP problem. Every single route permutation is checked one by one. In Part 4, I attempt to create a solution to the TSP problem with a genetic algorithm, and then I add a “crossover” algorithm in Part 5.

Traveling Salesperson

In this coding challenge, I implement a "smart rockets" algorithm (based on a simulation by Jer Thorp).

Smart Rockets in p5.js