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#183 — Mathematical Marbling

All aboard as I attempt to simulate the artistic process of paper marbling. The algorithm is based on the paper 'Mathematical Marbling' by S. Lu, A. Jaffer, X. Jin, H. Zhao, and X. Mao. The code is written in JavaScript using the p5.js library.

may 02, 2024

Mathematical Marbling

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Flappy Bird game

In this challenge, I use my JavaScript neural network library and a genetic algorithm to train an agent to play Flappy Bird.

Neuroevolution Flappy Bird

Sure, flappy bird is fun, but what happens if we take away the button and control the bird with clapping! Yes, it's time for Clappy Bird!

Clappy Bird

It's time to attempt to build a Flappy Bird clone in JavaScript with the p5.js!

Flappy Bird