tutorial #2: Foundations of Programming in JavaScript - P5.JS Tutorial

In part 2 we cover variables and some more p5 functions


Variables in p5.js (mouseX, mouseY)

04 Sep 2015

In this video, I introduce the concept of variables in p5.js. The setup() and draw() functions are covered as well as mouseX and mouseY.


Variables in p5.js (Make your own)

04 Sep 2015

In this video, I look at how to create your own variables and how to use them to animate elements of your p5.js sketches.


The map() Function

04 Sep 2015

This video covers the map() function in p5.js – how to take a value from a given range and map it to a new range.


The random() Function

04 Sep 2015

In this video, I teach you how to generate random numbers with the random() function in p5.js.