Learning Processing session #6

These video lessons accompany Chapter 6 (Loops) from the Learning Processing textbook.


While Loop

24 Jul 2015

In this video, I introduce a fundamental concept of programming: The “Loop”.


Two Loops / Grid Exercise

24 Jul 2015

This video shows how to create a grid pattern on screen using two loops, one for horizontal, one for vertical.


For Loop

24 Jul 2015

This video demonstrates another kind of loop: The ‘for’ loop


Variable Scope

24 Jul 2015

This video covers the concept of a variable scope, demonstrating “local” and “global” variables in Processing / Java.


Loop vs. Draw

24 Jul 2015

This video discusses how draw() is also a loop. When does it make sense to have a for or while loop in draw() vs. just use the fact that draw() itself loops?


Nested Loops

24 Jul 2015

This video looks at nested loops, i.e. a loop inside a loop.