Learning Processing session #0

These video lessons accompany the introduction from The Learning Processing book.



10 Jul 2015

This video is the very first in a series dedicated to learning to program using Processing.


Who are you? Who am I?

10 Jul 2015

In this video, I introduce myself and talk about who these videos are for.


How and why should you learn programming?

10 Jul 2015

This videos discusses some reasons why you might want to learn to program the computer? And what are some ways you might learn?


What is programming?

10 Jul 2015

This video attempts to answer the following question in a high level way: “What is programming?”


What are some programming languages?

10 Jul 2015

This video takes a broad look at programming languages in the context of “Creative Coding”.


Processing Examples

10 Jul 2015

This video walks through a few examples that come with Processing, looks at how libraries work with Processing, and shows some projects made with Processing.


Overview of Topics

10 Jul 2015

This video summarizes the list of topics that I plan to cover in the entire video series. This loosely follows the table of contents from the Learning Processing book.