This is an overview of all available courses taught by Daniel Shiffman.

Learning Processing

These video lessons accompany the introduction from the Learning Processing textbook.



10 Jul 2015

This video is the very first in a series dedicated to learning to program using Processing.


Who are you? Who am I?

10 Jul 2015

In this video, I introduce myself and talk about who these videos are for.


Drawing with Pixels

11 Jul 2015

This video covers the basics of a computer graphics coordinate system and how to write your first lines to code to draw into a Processing window.

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Programming with Text

This course focuses on programming strategies and techniques behind procedural analysis and generation of text-based data.


Introduction to Regular Expressions

15 Sep 2016

In this video I introduce Regular Expressions. What are they and how are they used?


Introduction to Chrome Extensions

13 Nov 2017

This video introduces a new topic in the Programming with Text playlist: Chrome Extensions!



16 Sep 2016

In this video I discuss meta-characters: what are they and what role do they play in regular expressions?

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