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Solving Merge Conflicts and XOR Problem

07 Feb 2018

In this live stream, I go through pull requests on the JavaScript neural network library repo and take another crack at the XOR coding challenge.


More Neural Networks

02 Feb 2018

In this live stream, I make another attempt to discuss backpropagation with gradient descent. I also solve XOR with the new toy neural network library.


Unit Testing and CI with CircleCI

02 Feb 2018

In this two-part live stream, I discuss unit testing and continuous integration.


Snakes & Ladders Continued + 2048

26 Jan 2018

In this live stream, I finish the Snakes & Ladders Coding Challenge and start implementing the game logic for the 2048 video game.


Snakes & Ladders

26 Jan 2018

In this live stream, I take a break from neural networks tutorials and attempt to create a simulation of the classic board game Snakes & Ladders.



19 Jan 2018

This live stream is a continuation of neural network series. I attempt to discuss backpropagation, but it mostly goes haywire.


Revisiting the Feedforward Algorithm

17 Jan 2018

This live stream is a second try at explaining the feedforward algorithm for neural networks.


Neural Networks Continued

12 Jan 2018

This live stream continues my series on neural networks: Matrix class improvements and the “feed forward” algorithm. I also attempt a coding challenge on image stippling / dithering.


Happy Holidays from the Coding Train!

21 Dec 2017

In this holiday special, I raise funds for the Processing Foundation through music (sung very badly) and code.


WebGL with p5.js Continued

14 Dec 2017

In this live session, I continue exploring WEBGL rendering with the p5.js library.


WebGL with p5.js

12 Dec 2017

In this live session, I explore the p5.js WEBGL renderer. I cover some fundamentals and attempt a viewer-suggested coding challenge to recreate a classic beesandbombs GIF.


More OOP with ES6 & The Game of Life

08 Dec 2017

This live session continues my tutorials on Object Oriented Programming with ES6. I also attempt a coding challenge: Conway’s Game of Life with p5.js.


Chrome Extensions Continued

17 Nov 2017

This live session is continues my series on Chrome/Browser Extensions.


Chrome Extensions - Part 1

10 Nov 2017

It is finally here! This live stream focuses on Chrome Extensions and bookmarklets.


p5.js Workflow, Circle Morphing and Arrow Function

27 Oct 2017

In this spooooooky (not really) Coding Train Live, I discuss p5.js programming workflows, the ES6 Arrow function, and Golan Levin’s Circle Morphing challenge.


Chatbots with p5.Speech, More OOP in JS & Paperclips

13 Oct 2017

In this live episode, I continue the chatbots series with the p5.Speech library. I also continue updating the objects and array tutorials in JavaScript.
Oh, and I obsess over Frank Lantz’s Universal Paperclips!